Set and Forget - Gift Ad Strategy

Free - Ads Growth Masterclass

Here is What We Will Cover
On The Ads Growth Masterclass

  • The Formula To Run Ads Successfully
  • How to Find Your Ideal Clients/Customers
  • Which 3 platforms to run ads on
  • How to analyze and test your ads for maximum success
  • The must have strategy in place for ads…
  • And so much more…
"If you've ever thought of including ads as part of your business strategy, but don't know where to start, you don't want to miss Ivana's Masterclass!"
Karen Briggs
Talented Writer
"Wow Ivana, Thank you so much for this amazing training, very interesting and an eye opener."
Chandra Rao
Digital Entrepreneur

Ads Growth Academy Program

This is for you if you want to:

  • Automate your lead generation through 4 ad strategies that work
  • Get leads into your business inexpensively while growing your coaching, consulting or local business
  • Expand your business through effective ads 
  • You want a proven strategies to consistently get new leads into your own business
  • Get coaching calls showing you exactly how to do this effectively
  • Ongoing support through the closed door community
  • And so much more
"I just want to say thank you. I got a couple sales already."
Pamela Reyes-Saputo
Digital Marketer

Ads Growth Transformers - Premium Service

  • Completely DFY Ads Service Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • A team of experts to create home run ads that bring in an overflow of dream clients. 
  • Winning copy support for your ads
  • We will help you reach your specific objectives in your unique business
  • Scale your business working less 
  • Reliable team of experts helping you scale with ease
"Yogesh got us over 300 sales in our first launch and 400+ in the last one."
Madhav Dutta
Software Developer/Digital Entrepreneur
"Yogesh Brought in over 40 front end sales, and who knows how many upsells as well."
Guy Potok
Business Coach/Digital Entrepreneur
"Well done Yogesh Bhatt, Not only you had run my retargeting campaigns profitable but also provided service in such a smooth manner. If anyone want to get exponential results, look no further. This is the Best man who knows battle tested Skills"
Anirudh Bavra’s
Digital Entrepreneru/Product Creator

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