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Before we continue, if you are looking 

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Unlock Explosive Growth for Your Business With 6 Powerful Ads Strategies that Get High-Quality Leads at Low Prices!​

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Get Everything For Just $1 – 7 Day Trial & $14.95/month after the trial ends… 

Monthly Coaching Calls Included

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Don't Take My Word For It:

From The Desk Of:

Dear Coach, Consultant, Course Creator or a Local Business…

I have a short story to share with you…

When I first started playing with ads, I purchased a course that was $297 to master advertising. 

I spent 3K on the budget, without getting a single sale.


Trust me, it hurt big time.

The next time I purchased a 3K coaching program, and after spending $500, I had 1 conversion.

Still painful, but at least I had proof that this whole thing with ads works.

Later on, I learned of a few methods with ads to get affiliate sales.

Worked, awesome.

More trial and error and as I’ve gotten comfortable getting conversions, I offered this as a service.

And working on multiple ad accounts for clients, helped me master this skill.

You see.

The methods were not bad. 

Actually, they did teach how to set up ads etc.

What they lacked is helping me understand how it all worked, so I can implement this in my own business.

I share this story with you to show you that my journey to success with ads, was expensive, BUT this does not have to be you!

If You Are Ready To KickStart Your Advertising Journey WITHOUT The Expensive Learning Curve & Automate Your Lead Generation...
Read the remaining of this page...

When you set up the right kind of ads, you get to enjoy:

All it takes is the RIGHT KIND of ad strategy.


“An effective ad is catered to the right audience at the right time with the right offer for your desired goal.

Which means…when you put the right offer, in front of the right person, they buy. “

For example, someone who has recently bought a new iPhone 14 would most likely be looking for a cool cover for it, right?? 

Of course, and now you can position the cover for that new iPhone 14, in front of the people who are searching for it. 

Truth be told, more and more businesses are going online as more and more customers are searching for their solutions online as well. 

What is even better, advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook give you inside data so you don’t waste time showing ads to people who are not interested. 

you don’t waste money. Period!

But I do not have a large budget?!?

No worries, this is why we call it Effective Ads – you don’t need a huge budget to advertise. 

It is about working smarter, and not harder.

And you can do this YOURSELF,
WITHOUT hiring an ad agency.

Effective ads help you reach your customer base, so you can increase sales faster. 

Here are some of the reasons to start using ads for your business…

image for the sales page (2)

All it takes is the RIGHT KIND of Ads strategy

Now the question is...
What kind of ads are the best for you,
if you are a coach, consultant,
course creator or a local business?

After many trial and errors, we found 6 ad strategies that work very well for coaches, course creators and service providers. 

And those are Google search ads, Facebook posts ads, FB video + Post Ads, and YouTube Video ads. Added to that remarketing ads. 

But why just these ads?

The above image shows you the statistics, search ads (part of Google ads), Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram), Display Ads (in the Google ads module), Remarketing ads are most widely used!


Because these are the most effective ads!

Every ad type has its own use and purpose…

For example… SEARCH ADS…


Whenever you go to Google and search for anything, like “Dentist Near Me” or “Best Diet Plan” or “Business coach” .etc, Search ads, such as this POPS up, with AD written next to them.

These Are NOT Organic Results! These Are Ads That Someone Paid For.

Someone ran them specifically for you to search for them and then to buy their services. 

And they are PERFECT to get more new clients coming in.


Because, when you search for something on Google, you are looking for them, you are searching for them and not vice-versa.

This means the buying intent is really HIGH.

BEFORE We Continue,
Let Us Show You What Kind Of Results
We Are Getting Through EFFECTIVE ADS.

These are the results of a few campaigns we have used in the last 3 months:

Amazing Results With “Effective Ads”

(When Done Right) 

Ads Are One Of The MOST Powerful Forms Of Advertising Out There… 

EVERYONE Can Set Up Ads, BUT NOT Everyone Can Set Up A Highly Converting AD

Truth be told, it is not VERY difficult to run an ad, 

however it is VERY difficult to run a highly converting ad.

Most of the people out there who run ads, they depend on spraying-and-praying, i.e, they just push an ad and hope that it would convert.

Ads are not limited to creating a campaign and leaving it to depend on God or fate!

You should know how to create it:

And on and on and on…..

There is a strategy behind running a high conversion ad and
NOT everyone knows it.

And this is why you are here…

You see…

It took us years of experience, thousands of dollars in ad spent, to REACH where we are, to KNOW what we know and to DO what we do.

And not everyone has that patience, time or money to learn all this.

So, we are going to give you a shortcut to get access to 6 very Effective Ad strategies that work very well for coaches, course creators and service providers. 

Get Everything For Just $1 – 7 Day Trial & $14.95/month after the trial ends… 

Monthly Coaching Calls Included


We are not just letting you get access to this powerful training. 

We are giving you access to YEARS & YEARS of EXPERIENCE & LEARNINGS.

At JUST $14.95/Month.

In this training + coaching program we are going to cover every single aspect of running successful ads that convert.

6 Powerful Ad Strategies that Work Great for Coaches, Consultants,
Course Creators and Local Businesses

We will be covering following ad types:

  • From researching keywords to ads copy, everything is included in the training.

  • There are 25+ step by step videos included at the moment.

  • These ads will show you how to place your programs and services, in front of the customers who are actively searching for your products or services on Google.

  • These ads are cost-effective because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, meaning you’re not spending money on impressions.

  • You can easily measure the results. You can track your ad performance and ROI in real-time through Google Ads reporting. This allows you to see which keywords and ads are generating the most clicks and conversions, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • These ads allow you to adjust your bids, targeting, and ad copy in real-time, allowing you to quickly respond to changes in the market or your business.
  • Everything from copy + images and targeting is covered in this training.

  • 25+ Short to the point videos includes

  • These ads are super targeted. We will show you how to place your ads in front of your ideal clients/customers.

  • You will learn how to optimize your ads quickly so you can spend less on ads, and get better results.
  • From video script to setting up an an, everything is included in this training.

  • 15+ step-by-step videos at the moment

  • All videos are short and to the point.

  • Different type of placement are covered.

  • We will show you how to quickly split test your ads, and optimize them for high effectivness
  • This ads strategy you set up once and it runs for you.

  • It is super easy to set up

  • The ad copy template is provided.

  • Targeting guidance as well.

  • And simple optimization too.
  • This unique method builds a warm audience for your ads quickly so you can get more people to sign up for your offers.

  • There are 11 step-by-step videos currently for this method.

  • This method requires 2 steps in order for this ad to work and convert into leads.

  • From ad creation to optimization, everything is included in this training.
  • Yogesh is a master of retargeting ads.

  • We will show you how to setup your ads for maximum conversions.

  • From the high converting image creation to the actual set up, everything is covered in this training.

  • We will show you how to optimize your ads as well.

  • Currently over 20+ step-by-step videos inside of this training.
  • While our methods are straight to the point, optimization is one of the hardest things to teach, that is why we are providing you with monthly coaching calls

  • You are never going to be left alone struggling wit your ads.

  • We want 400+ success stories, and we will hold you hand to make you one

  • Ask us questions live

  • Let’s turn you into a success story

Get Everything For Just $1 – 7 Day Trial & $14.95/month after the trial ends… 

Monthly Coaching Calls Included


You Get All The Tips And Tricks To Optimize Your Ads, To Spend Less On The Budget And Get More In Return.

Being a veteran in the industry for the last 7 years we have the experience, and we are ready to share it with you. 

We have helped over 500 businesses in almost every hot niche out there. 

We know the secret recipe.

We’ve been in the trenches doing this, and want to show you exactly how.  And we have put together everything we know to create this picture perfect training for you.

Not Just That,
This Is NOT Just The Training,
you get coaching as well.

You get access to us through email + FB group to help you with any questions you might have:

We have an exclusive Facebook group, where you can ask your questions and we will do our best to resolve it within the group itself.


We have been marketing online for a very long time. We love our customers and will always do our  best to solve your issues. 

You will never be ignored, placed in a huge waiting line or passed off to some overseas ticket desk. We’re on standby to offer you expert support every step of the way.

This Is What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

"Not only you had run my retargeting campaigns profitable but also provided service in such a smooth manner."
Anirudh Bavra’s
Digital Entrepreneur/Product Creator
“You are the best, there is no doubt about it… But I want to add one more thing. I have never worked with someone with this kind of transparency and honesty”
Madhav Dutta..
Software Developer/Digital Entrepreneur
“I had to give a massive thank you to Ivana Bosnjak for her help, guidance and motivation. I closed 3 new clients this weekend, all because of what she taught me.”
Scott Lichau
Digital Entrepreneur
“Ivana, you are an awesome coach.”
Ben Mburu
Digital Entrepreneur
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ivana for a little over a year. What can I say, when it comes to online marketing, this girl is amazing."
Ram Rawat
Digital Entrepreneur
“Excellent service, timely and (maybe too much lol) detailed reports. Honestly, it isn’t very easy to find someone who can take full ownership of something. He has. Someone we’ll continue to work with in the future. “

Neil Napier
Business Coach/Digital Entrepreneur
“Yogesh’s team did an amazing job for us, on Botstar launch, helping us do over $150,000 in revenue.” #respect
John Gibb
Digital Entrepreneur
"I wanted to let you know that I'm working with a client now and signing up two more. Thank you for your coaching and your program. You are the real deal. I appreciate you sooo much!!!"
Melanie Ross
Business Coach/Digital Entrepreneur
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ivana, and what a great experience it’s been. It’s not easy finding reliable and highly skilled people to work with nowadays. So when she committed to working with me, she really committed.”
David Cassar
Digital Entrepreneur
“Incredible results, love your work ethic and transparency Yogesh. One of the rare guys who walks the walk.
Mo Miah
Digital Entrepreneur

It’s Time To Get Access To The Proven-To-Deliver Inside Secrets Of Running Effective Ads For Coaches, Course Creators And Service Providers!

Watch this short video and know how this

$14.95/month is 1,000x of its value.

Here’s what you get if you grab access today:

Get Everything For Just $1 – 7 Day Trial & $14.95/month after the trial ends… 

Monthly Coaching Calls Included

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You get $1 trial for 7 days. On the trial amount you can get 100% refund back. 

Yes, for as long as you are a paying members you do have a full access. 

Marketing is an art and we want everyone to be their own artists. We want to help you make your business a success with ads. 

YES, you can get access for a full year at just $149.50 (2 Free months)  – Click here to join. 


For as long as you are a paying member, you have 100% access to the program and monthly coaching calls.

Sit back and relax! We will have everything covered right from setting up your first account to making your 100th (and more) sale.

NO! Even if you use just one strategy you will get enough leads coming in to boost your sales. 


As long as you can spend around $300 per month this is 100% yes for you!

Business owners such as, coaches, service providers, course creators, agencies and Local Businesses.

No. Do you have a laptop/PC and an internet connection? That’s all that you need, we will cover everything else.

Yes we plan to record every coaching call. As long as we don’t have any technical difficulties. 😉 

All the calls will be added inside of the members area/or the member only community. 

Trust me, nothing about this program is of a low quality. We could have easily charged 5K for this. The thing is, we want more people to succeed with ads, and we are on a mission to get 500+ success stories. 

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