Google PPC Training Shows You
How We Turned
$2500 into 500 new orders
with one-of-a-kind ad strategy

Plus, when you sign up, you instantly get access to a 12 pg. case study
that shows you how we turned $1,017 in ad spend into 117 Sales
Resulting in over $11K+ Revenue​

Here is what you get out of the live Google PPC Training:

Dear digital entrepreneurs,

We have been running ads for years… and…

There’s a big misconception that ads are a quick fix to all your traffic problems… 

The reality is, ads can help your business ONLY when the strategy is done correctly. 

Which means, you need to setup the right strategy to make ads convert into leads and sales. 

After years of experience, and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

After years of testing, the ads we’ll be sharing with you in this case study are ONLY those that deliver the best results. 

But that’s not all

When you register for the class, you get instant access to the 10 pg. long case study where we are showing you exactly what we did to generate 117 new customers with $1,017 in ad spent, that resulted in over $11K in revenue.  

In both of these, we are sharing with you exactly what we did to make that happen. 

The exact ads. 

The exact copy. 

The strategy behind it. 

And of course, how you can do all of this too. 

Get Access to This Google PPC Training now. 

Here's What Others Say…

“over 300 sales in our first launch and 400+ in the last one."
Madhav Dutta
Software Developer/Digital Entrepreneur
"40 front end sales, and who knows how many upsells as well."
Guy Potok
Business Coach/Digital Entrepreneur
"Not only you had run my retargeting campaigns profitable but also provided service in such a smooth manner."
Anirudh Bavra’s
Digital Entrepreneur/Product Creator

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