Get More Customers With Google & Facebook Ads

Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.
Our expertise helps you set up ads that convert into more customers.

Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.
Our expertise helps you set up ads that convert into more customers.

This is what our service does for you:

  • Get more customers.
  • Boost your ROI.
  • 100% hands-free service.
  • Affordable DFY Service
  • Automate your customer acquisition
  • Boost revenue
Ivana & Yogesh

My name is Ivana Bosnjak and I am one of the founders of AdsGrowthAcademy. 

Together with my partner Yogesh Bhatt, we  specializes in paid advertising, funnels (also known as digital processes) and email marketing.

Simply put, we help you grow your businesses through automating lead generation through ads, creating automated systems,  and building long term assets for maximized profits.

How our ads management services help you:

Better Quality Leads

More customers

More Profits

Setting up ads is easy but getting ads to convert into more customers is the difficult part. That is where we come in.

Here is how:


We look at your current setup, and work on improving your site for the highest conversions.


Lower your cost per lead acquisition based on strategically placing your ads on Google and/or Facebook.


Monthly report showing you what we are doing and the campaigns that we are running that work well.

Here is what our customers/clients had to say about us:

"Yogesh got us over 300 sales in our first launch and 400+ in the last one."
Madhav Dutta
Software Developer/Digital Entrepreneur
"Yogesh Brought in over 40 front end sales, and who knows how many upsells as well.""
Guy Potok
Business Coach/Digital Entrepreneur

Why Work With Us:

Personal approach to your business.

We are not just an ad management service. We care about your results. We treat your accounts as well as your business as our own. 

Marketing consulting-amico
Marketing consulting-bro

Boosting leads and sales.

Our focus is to help you boost your business growth through ads we are focused on getting you more conversions and growing your audience.

Years of experience.

Between Yogesh Bhatt and myself Ivana Bosnjak, we have years of experience growing companies and successfully building our own audiences. We want to help you do the same.

Marketing consulting-rafiki
Pricing plans-rafiki

Affordable Pricing

We know some of our competitors charge 5K+ per client. We made our services affordable as the packages start at $750+

Improved ROI

We are focused on getting you leads into your business and helping you automate sales, which results in higher ROI on ad spend.

Marketing consulting-cuate
Marketing consulting-pana

Experts in your pocket.

Easy access to us. You get access to 2 people + our team, helping you grow your business. 

Our goal with advertising is to get you the highest return on the investment.

Our Audit

We first look at your website so we can determine if your site is ready for ads. 95% of advertisers fail because their website is not ready. 

Our ads service consists of:

Google Search Ads

Facebook Ads

Youtube Ads

Retargeting Ads.

Meet The Team

Funnels, Traffic Generation & Emails Expert​

I have been marketing online since the end of 2007.

And have build 3 successful businesses since that time.

An SEO Agency. Selling low ticket digital items and turning it into 100K per year revenue + building a 7 figure digital course business with my partners in 18 months, and now helping others grow their business though successful advertising.

Traffic Generation & Media Buying Expert​

Yogesh Bhatt – also called fondly as “Bhattman” has been in the Media Buying space since 2015 & have helped more than 350+ businesses to increase their revenue and sales in just the last 3 Years.


Be it Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Bing Ads, have done it all.

Look at some of the previous results we had:

Ivana & Yogesh

P.S. Sign up at the button above and book a 45 min session with us, so we can discuss the best course of action for your business. 

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